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Motorcycle Industry Economic Situation Analysis and Countermeasures

Chinese motorcycle industry production scale has been for eight consecutive years in the world, but the comprehensive competitiveness is not strong, the whole industry chain development level is not high, lack of innovative capacity, the homogenization of serious price competition, the lack of first-class products, the lack of world-class corporate and brand; Chinese motorcycle industry is an important part of people’s livelihood, and the expansion of domestic demand and exports, generating more and more significant impact on the structure continued to improve urban traffic, as well as to enhance people’s lives, a sense of happiness; at the same time, world motorcycle industry is constantly updated technology, market demand structure, market structure, some significant changes in the pattern of the period, China’s motorcycle industry is facing new and greater challenges.

Since 2015, the economic operation of China’s motorcycle industry has shown relatively sluggish trend in the major economic background, the motorcycle industry can not be immune. Motorcycle industry has gone through a period of adjustment of development, is now facing the development model of transition, the transition from scale to efficiency, the adjustment of product structure, technological innovation and enhance value-added products.

Innovative parts of the product is the foundation. Currently I have a lot of companies to develop industry large displacement motorcycles, there are some delay in the production of energy, some amount of postpartum frequent problems, mainly some of the key components of our quality tests or production consistency is poor, the establishment of key zero parts of innovation and vehicle security system is a major boost technological innovation and development, is an important step toward car companies and parts of Enterprise and mutual benefit and common development.

Clear direction and development goals, establish clear differentiation strategy is to achieve sustainable development of enterprises an important part. The so-called differentiation is the development of features. In the current energy saving and environmental protection, harmonious development as the theme of the social environment, the development of "environmentally friendly", "" energy friendly "and" social friendly "motorcycle products, achieved by the" labor-intensive "," economies of scale "to "quality and efficiency" change is the decision of China’s motorcycle industry can continue to develop in the future a major issue.

Currently in the community, from all levels of government on down to the common people, a lot of people misunderstand the presence of motorcycles, "To die fast, buy kick" and other concepts in vogue, government, the media lack of motorcycle industry understanding and concern for the improvement of society, the media impression of motorcycles, industries and enterprises should work together to save social resources, reduce urban traffic congestion, improve the quality of life of residents is motorcycle products embody the "community-friendly" an important aspect of strengthening involved in motorcycle safety education and safe driving training is our motorcycle industry and corporate social responsibility, an important measure both remodeling and improving social image of motorcycle products, but also a mode of marketing, brand strategy is the key a ring, but also to solve the "ban limit friction," the important part.

Good product development plan is the implementation of enterprise development strategies, but also to achieve the basic guarantee of corporate brand strategy. Enterprise should be based on a comprehensive analysis of many aspects of their own condition, the direction of development, brand characteristics, resource potential consolidation basis, the development of differentiated products in line with their business planning features. Over the years, we have been focusing on horizontal development, product -18 -1 to product production and sales in the same timeline, the same product status complicated.

To develop according to their own characteristics of product development series to series basis, chronologically vertical development, a small change a year,, a big change for two years, formed their own distinctive features behalf of the Department of qualities. Through international cooperation, commissioned by the development, cooperative development to self-development, a product of technology accumulation and technological advantages, so that enterprises of product development and market demand interact rhythm. Then our military enterprise "generation of production, research and development generation, pre-research generation" product development strategy, and today still applies, many foreign motorcycle companies are developing or have developed standards for five-stage engine, reduce energy consumption by 35% If we do not start from today, tomorrow the market will not take us play! Trend motorcycle power is our generation’s responsibility.

Traditional marketing methods is the use of China’s motorcycle unit of the multi-level agents from cities to villages and towns of the way distributors wholesale and retail. This marketing model is the result of our motorcycle products to rural as the main market, sinking to the method of distribution terminals, with the market demand to changes in product mix, we must establish a motorcycle culture, services and activities organized motorcycle Lord diversified marketing model, from selling products to selling pure culture, selling services change, expand motorcycle Accessories, motorcycle apparel, motorcycle modification, motorcycle entertainment market. Establish a rural market-based, high-end product market for the development of new marketing model diversification, the establishment of technology-based products, culture, value added services for profit model!

Chinese motorcycle industry is not a sunset industry, I believe that China will not stop the motorcycle to 150mL, although not facing difficulties, but the opportunities and challenges. As long as we strengthen confidence, solidarity, clear objectives, the right way, go all out, we have enough reason to believe that prosperous period of Chinese motorcycle will surely come as early as possible in our efforts of all Chinese motorcycle! - Excerpt from "Chinese motorcycle Network", there is exclusion.

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