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New energy automotive industry development Implications for the motorcycle industry

Editor’s note: with respect to the new energy vehicle technology route clear, the key technology breakthroughs, has formed an efficient industrial structure, focusing on the standard system, to give policy support, the development of China’s motorcycle industry surviving in an unknown direction quantified objectives technology is weak, the lack of a joint vehicle and parts, "research" combined with ineffective and needs to be improved industry standards and other issues。

Motorcycle industry for the development of early evening behind the development of new energy automotive industry this question is not difficult to understand, is a new policy to support key industries, one is limiting the development of the industry is seen as tasteless。 In our country this policy is king, in fact, their fate is already doomed。

Our motorcycle industry since the last century national implementation of "reform and opening" to enter the high-speed development period has experienced 30 years of wind and rain experience, realized annual sales of motorcycles in the world, exports 19 consecutive years the global ranking for 11 consecutive years first. The foundation of China’s motorcycle industry has been relatively strong, with relatively mature national brands, China’s motorcycle industry has formed a relatively independent and complete national industrial system, with an independent system of technical regulations and industry management system.

Development of China’s motorcycle industry, the prosperity and the crisis with the achievements and shortcomings exist。 China’s motorcycle industry has been the star of world trade stage, but the development direction of the development of the legacy of jumping unknown, weak technological base, technological development subsequent fatigue and other problems have become increasingly apparent。 When suffering from the global economic crisis, the decline in exports, rising overall costs, a substantial decline in production and sales, the industry confused period。 There is a big gap between China’s motorcycle industry and motorcycle powers, the face of the increasingly difficult market environment and industry realities of China’s motorcycle industry is facing, how to get rid of the plight of China’s motorcycle industry to achieve healthy development, from motorcycle production Motorcycle technology powers power to transform into an important issue and outside the industry。

The development of new energy automotive industry

China’s new energy automotive industry is a rising star in the automotive industry, its just over ten years of development has formed a relatively complete system of technology, products, systems, standards, and management system, was identified as the main direction of the future development of China’s auto industry . The development of new energy vehicles has accumulated a lot of valuable experience, the following characteristics is worth drawing motorcycle industry, namely: the right business planning; solid foundation work; efficient industrial structure; improve the standard system construction; good policy support environment .

First, through the development of industry planning targeted for the development of new energy automotive industry to establish a feasible technology roadmap and milestones. Through a series of targeted plan, established a "pure electric car" as the strategic direction of industrial restructuring, with "three vertical and three horizontal" as the main strategy of technological innovation, according to industry practice and to develop a global developments at different stages of product development Target and technology development goals.

Second, achieve breakthroughs in basic theory, key components and key technology areas by a solid foundation of work. From the development of new energy vehicles major projects included in the "863 Program" So far, China’s new energy automotive industry in a total of more than 3,000 patents, established more than 30 new energy vehicle technology innovation platform, has made including dual CAN bus control network system AC induction motors and permanent magnet motor four-quadrant digital vector control technology, pure electric and hybrid vehicles and fuel cell vehicle integration technology, especially living in the world’s leading lithium battery technology and unique technology for electricity in within a number of major technological breakthroughs, constitute the basic system of integrated technology of new energy vehicles, it has laid a more solid foundation for future industrial development technology.

Third, to carry out various forms of strategic cooperation including research cooperation, to build new and efficient industrial structure。 In accordance with the "positive guidance, joint action, focus, innovation and development" principle, the concentration of superior resources to achieve technology and product breakthroughs, promote the rapid popularization and application of technological achievements within the Union, to achieve automobile companies, parts of companies and research institutions between the mutual benefit and common development and improvement。 Among these are national "central business electric car industry alliance," there are industry-level "car industry Electric Vehicle Industry Alliance", as well as Beijing, Chongqing, Jilin, Jiangsu, Anhui and other places of local new energy automotive industry alliance 。 New industry structure to promote the rapid development of new energy automotive industry, and help support national and local policies。

Fourth, in the beginning that focus on creating industry standards system. Special standard has been published new energy vehicles (including national standards and industry standards) of about 60, there are some special standard under preparation and review of. These new energy car special standard high technical starting point, combined with the characteristics and requirements of domestic and foreign trade development, in line with international trends, and with the original car standard system to form highly complementary. The basic sound of the standard system to become an important force in boosting the development of new energy automotive industry.

Fifth, the state administration and industry management department for the new energy automotive industry to provide a strong support, a good policy environment is an important reason for the new energy automotive industry to the rapid development of the good.

Rehabilitation energy vehicles as major projects, "863" since the state has promulgated and implemented a number of policies, formed a "automobile industry technological progress and technological innovation investment direction (2010 Edition)", "energy saving and new energy automotive industry development Plan (2011 to 2020) ", the" new energy automobile manufacturing companies and product access management rules "," electric vehicle technology development, "second five" special plan "as the main industry management and policy guidance systems, and to" on energy conservation and new energy vehicle demonstration pilot work notice "," energy Interim Measures for financial assistance fund management and new energy vehicle demonstration and promotion, "" Interim Measures for the private purchase of new capital energy vehicle pilot financial assistance "," About saving energy use of new energy travel travel tax policy, "as the main industry support and market incentives system. Said more than ten special management policy has been promulgated constitutes a policy to support good environmental new energy automotive industry development.

Lack of qualitative development of the motorcycle industry direction and quantifiable goals

In the motorcycle industry for decades, especially since the reform and opening up more than thirty years, the state administration and industry management department made arduous efforts in the work sector management and industrial system construction and other aspects, and achieved great results. But for now, the existing guidelines concerning the development of the motorcycle industry is still a lack of qualitative and quantitative targets direction. "Twelve Five" is about half, for what should be the continued development of traditional applications motorcycle (such as small scooters, moderate displacement of two-wheelers and three-wheeled motorcycles), or focus on the development of high-end leisure with a large displacement motorcycle vehicles; is to continue to strengthen energy conservation technology research base still in transition towards the development of new energy technologies by leaps and bounds, the industry both in terms of product development or technology development planning objectives are not very clear, has not yet formed a unified view of the urgent need for state administration and industry management department to be clear grasp and guidance.

After decades of development of the motorcycle industry in the displacement of 125 and 150 displacement of classic products and technology we have accumulated a wealth of experience, but on the whole technology base is still relatively weak, not enough depth. Missing more achievements in the engine combustion theory and operations research strength design theory, efficient transmission, noise and vibration, driving stability and security, advanced technology and new materials applications, and real-time measurement technology and many other areas. Although there are a large number of patent filings per year, but mostly in terms of changes in appearance, truly broad significance and practical value to popularize rare.

Currently among enterprises within the motorcycle industry is basically still in the "go it alone" in the state. After years of development, China’s motorcycle industry has been basically formed regional industrial clusters, and showed obvious geographical features on the product category, but among companies within the same area of ​​the vehicle, still lack effective joint between the vehicle and parts business . Even the industry relish pre soldiers loaded motorcycle industry consolidation within the system, which reflects the substantive effect of significantly lower than expected and outside the industry; between OEMs and parts plant more kept the original The supply and demand, or even because of the emergence of certain goods and money opposition status. Recently, three-wheeled motorcycle to the core of the new motorcycle industry clusters gradually formed in Henan, its development and characteristics worthy of industry attention.

The relationship between enterprises and research institutions is more loose. Based on the development of China’s motorcycle industry and the characteristics of the industry’s technological base is weak, there are many common technical problems related to research and development, manufacturing, materials, testing and other aspects; the majority of their own strength is weak, difficult to separate the good response Some professional research institutions due to their own system, operation mechanism, the degree of association with industry and enterprises and other reasons, they can not have the technical ability into full play, the outcome is difficult to rapid promotion, tend to form enterprise technical difficulties and professional research institutions are " no rice ", hatchback are stuck dilemma of the situation, some of the" research "effect and the poor.

Motorcycle industry standard system after 50 years of construction has been relatively complete and achieved considerable success, part of the standard has been achieved with international standards, China’s motorcycle industry has been involved in the revision of relevant international standards and regulations of the motorcycle. But the motorcycle industry standard system there are still some problems. Such as: by various factors, more emphasis on environmental protection requirements, safety, energy and other areas of concern were weaker; part more stringent standards, and the industry there is a certain reality out of touch, and some standards are too loose; some directly by the lack of universal standards into business and so on. Various individual phenomenon is not conducive to development of the industry, the industry standard System needs further enriched and improved.

Since 2003 motorcycle production access policies implemented so far, the state issued a number of related policy sector management, significantly contributed to the development of these policies motorcycle industry. 2009 by the National Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Finance and other seven ministries jointly issued a "car and motorcycle to the countryside plan" for the industry has a substantial encouragement, which only incentive policies as January 31, 2013 arrival, motorcycle countryside subsidy funds into liquidation phase came to an end.

On the other hand, to carry out the country, "Restriction of friction" to suppress the role of the motorcycle industry is much larger than any of the existing management policy to promote the development of the motorcycle industry。 Although local governments to develop and implement within their administrative jurisdiction including the "ban limit friction" policy, including the administrative system in accordance with the powers "of the Constitution" to give the process itself is understandable and appropriate method of implementation of the "cut-off limit friction" policy in certain on the management of urban traffic order, improving the urban environment and public security, image and rectify extent, also play a role, but it is undeniable that the implementation of "no limit friction" policy also brought some negative impact。 Implementation of the current China’s "ban limit friction" policy of the city more than 180, accounting for more than half of the country’s more than 330 prefecture-level cities。 "Ban limit friction" policy seriously affected the urban scooter market, especially the development of high-end motorcycle market, limiting the increase of China’s motorcycle industry technical standards, but also significantly affected the travel and the improvement of living standards of some people。

National policy support has always been a necessary condition for industrial development, the motorcycle industry is no exception naturally. As an important national industrial system, China’s motorcycle industry for the national economy and improving people’s living standards have made significant contributions to the sound development of the motorcycle industry in line with the need to improve the people’s living standards, in line with the national energy and environmental development strategy, in line with "the road of socialism with Chinese characteristics, building a moderately prosperous society," the overall objective of the party’s 18 developed.

Needless to say, the development of new energy automotive industry in the difficult transition to the motorcycle industry has an important reference value. On the development of China’s motorcycle industry, the consciously strengthen self-construction sector is more important. Only clear development direction and milestones, develop practical technical route, establish new and effective structural system, take scientific and reasonable implementation methods, in order to fight for more favorable policy support, in order to make the industry a smooth transition and healthy development, in order to make motorcycle car industry dream of generations "motorcycle dream of power" has been an early date.

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