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Consumption trends in the country Ⅲ Times

Country Ⅲ emission standards in 2007 issued by the Ministry of Environmental Protection approved, implemented since 2008, and provides for all manufacturing, sales, registration of a motorcycle and two-wheeled mopeds from 1 July 2009 onwards, three motorcycles and three-wheeled mopeds since July 1, 2010 shall comply with its national air pollutant emission standards Ⅲ, but soon the deadline has been postponed respectively 1 July 2010 and July 2011 1st. Despite the slowdown in the implementation process repeated, after all, the country Ⅲ footsteps getting closer. Hot moment of the country Ⅲ motorcycle market will bring exactly what kind of change? Let us closer to consumers, through these most sensitive "nerve endings", to observe consumer trends country Ⅲ era.

Since the main domestic motorcycle market in rural areas, rural consumers willingness to spend a certain extent, on behalf of the entire market, consumer trends, the mainstream consumer groups is undoubtedly the focus of our attention. To this end, the author interviewed some of the direct line dealer for rural consumers. In these dealers opinion, the rural market consumption trends in the country after the implementation of the standard Ⅲ unclear, rural consumers about factors that are more pluralistic. The first is the price factor, a dealers this analysis: "low income rural consumers, their high sensitivity to the price of the country Ⅲ handlebar rising cost certainty is a fact, then the price of motorcycle products accordingly. will rise, and is expected to rise to be around 300 yuan to 1,000 yuan, so significant price increases are likely to cool down the rural consumers from buying. "Secondly, dealers said the stability of the country Ⅲ vehicle quality and convenient service degree is an important factor affecting rural consumer purchase intention: "due to maintenance, repair technical requirements of different dealers like us to improve in the short term corresponding supporting service system there are certain difficulties, which is not prone areas for transportation rural users, is a very fatal problem. If the country is not stable enough Ⅲ Initial Quality, repair and inconvenient, consumers are likely to abandon the purchase plan. "

Of course, there are some favorable factors. For example, reached the country Ⅲ standard motorcycle due to technical upgrade, which can better conserve energy. Environmental Protection Department of Environmental Science Research Institute, director Yuan Ying said: "After the implementation of the new standards, each vehicle on average 50% less fuel consumption." With the introduction of national policy change levy fuel tax, the actual price of petrol has been greatly increase the amplitude, it can save 50% fuel motorcycle for rural consumers, it is a more affordable option, and very attractive. In addition, as the country’s efforts to promote the strengthening of farmers ’income significantly increase farmers’ income, the rural consumer price increases of capacity has also been enhanced, which is conducive to the promotion of the country Ⅲ car.

Then he turned to the city, in the big cities have "Jin Mo", "limit friction" in the background, a motorcycle in the city’s main purpose is no longer a means of travel, and entertainment and leisure-oriented, urban users are mostly motorcycle enthusiasts, since the demand for different consumer trends in urban and rural consumer groups, consumer groups also differ. By focusing on the author to discuss major motorcycle forums related country Ⅲ standard found urban consumers price changes on motorcycles is not too sensitive, so-called Money can not buy a good heart, as long as they recognize acceptable, price is not a big problem. At the same time the consumer groups for country Ⅲ vehicle recognition is relatively high, mainly in the following reasons: First, as people’s awareness of environmental protection, low-carbon life, green consumption is increasingly becoming a fashion, based on this concept of life the impact of the consumer when they are concerned about whether the energy saving motorcycle. Low fuel consumption and low-pollution vehicles Ⅲ country fits this need, and therefore will be the natural urban consumers practice the concept of low-carbon life itself the object of choice. Second, technology upgrades, especially popular in 150mL above EFI system models, allowing the country Ⅲ car comfort, handling and safety performance can be significantly improved, more in line with urban consumers for a motorcycle for leisure, entertainment positioning. However, it should be noted, urban consumers for country Ⅲ car matching system requirements are relatively high, a lot of fans, a user that only the country Ⅲ car launch is not enough, "the core issue is to launch with low standards in line with the country Ⅲ phosphorus low-sulfur gasoline, what else is no good ", showing the urban consumers sentiment for country Ⅲ car to some extent on this. Seen in the dawn of the era of the country Ⅲ, the market situation is not clear, negative factors and positive factors are evenly matched, mixed feelings. Nevertheless, consumer models for country Ⅲ new consumer trends are still tracked. If the company can grasp the market consumption trends, but also constantly improve their quality, perfect service system, and tap market potential, which will in the era of the country Ⅲ create new glories.

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