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Enhance the delivery capacity by the end of the three-wheeled motorcycle

Package delivery service reform is a top-down change electricity providers face market competition, an important measure to implement the "Two Wings" business development strategy。 Reform policy making, implementation advice to the floor for some time, the provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) postal and postal-delivery logistics branches are combined with local conditions to develop supporting policies。 Related work for the transitional period also made careful arrangements for incremental business in different places to make a scientific prediction, we can say the top-level design is complete。 But it fell specific place, I believe that should give full consideration to the "last kilometer" delivery problems。 The parcel delivery business for reform, as a grass-roots workers, the author most concerned about is the delivery of capacity-building issues。

In the 1960s, postal mail traffic and urban-rural county terminals mainly rely on bicycles, then escalating delivery tool into the motorized stage。 We can say that postal delivery tool has been followed the development of the postal business and constantly upgrading。 At the same time, after upgrading delivery tools further support the development and expansion of postal services。 After the parcel delivery business reform, the postman not only bear the parcel delivery mission also need delivery of newspapers, money orders and so on。 Especially for the rural section of road, the one in charge of the rural village postman may reach 6 to 10。 At the same time after the package delivery service reform product size, weight, great changes have higher requirements for the postman delivered to the home。 If the delivery capacity can not be raised, it is bound to affect The delivery time of the message, thereby affecting the further development of the parcel delivery business。

I believe that for the parcel delivery business, "the last one kilometer" delivery problem, you can choose the package delivery business volume of the township branches pilot three-wheeled motorcycle delivery。 Compared to traditional motorcycles, three-wheeled motorcycle with a carrying capacity of strong, powerful features, more suitable for rural roads。 At the same time, relying on three-wheeled motorcycles can also solve the rural retail distribution of agricultural difficult problem, to better promote the development of related businesses。

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