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Car knight must see - how to make more fuel-efficient motorcycle

People travel with a motorcycle is an indispensable tool for labor, since it is an important tool, then they would make it possible to save fuel, driving safety, as well as less maintenance, these are closely related to driving skills.


First, start
In fact, it is very particular about the start, start not to add too much throttle, even without fuel door, but because the car may be, some cars need to add a little bit to start small throttle.

There are a lot of people would bang a few throttle conditions or in the case of the neutral zone after the start of the clutch gear kneading, in fact, this is the wrong approach, if the car to start is the normal state, then the boom a few throttle only no good, but also increase fuel consumption, accelerate engine wear. If the car after the start there idling unstable, let the car standing idle a few minutes, instead of H-throttle.

Second, with
The process of moving different driving habits also have an impact on fuel consumption of different situations, to make fuel consumption reduced in the process of moving, the constant speed when traveling as much as possible, avoid throttle at the big look small, this will increase fuel consumption. Why in city driving fuel consumption will be higher than the suburbs? It is because the city traffic flow of people, and high and low speed leads to increased fuel consumption. The uniform also has a driving range driving, rather than uniform can be fuel-efficient, more fuel-efficient motorcycle speed range between 50-70 yards, below or above on the fuel consumption is not very satisfactory.

Third, the deceleration
Effect of reduction of fuel consumption can not be ignored, under normal driving conditions as much as possible to avoid unnecessary deceleration, the case in the face of such a junction or traffic lights must slow down to the beginning of the gap in the distance, taxiing to need deceleration of place, and do not fuel door to brake deceleration zone before taking the next break time can glide, so you can fuel-efficient, long downhill section can even turn off downhill, but this is not very safe, with caution.

Fourth, the safety brake
Brake is actually very dangerous, but it is safe, some brakes can stop accidents, but some will bring the motorcycle accident two rounds because it is so very easy to cause the brake roll, then how to avoid it! The first motorcycle safety brake in the case of an emergency brake to maintain a steady body, do not tilt, then there is do not brake before the sudden crush high probability of such a rollover.

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