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Steady decline in motorcycle sales in the first half 2015 profits increased significantly

Since 2015, with the further deepening of China’s economic reform, China’s motorcycle industry has continued to make adjustments. Cancellation and motorcycle export tax rebate following displacement motorcycle 250ml excise tax from 15% to 17% of these two good news, did not make the motorcycle industry production and sales return to growth. Since 2015, China’s motorcycle industry sales decline has been about 8%. Motorcycle industry production and sales decline is due to more in-depth industry and market changes caused by.

As the city limits of Mount ban, has been used as vehicles and motorcycle production tools sold in rural areas and small towns. Motorcycles in product design and development tend to low-cost, durable, cargo volume. In China’s rural road infrastructure is not perfect, low income level of farmers, the motorcycle is most consistent with the needs of farmers products. Driven by the demand of the vast rural market, motorcycle ushered in 20 years of rapid development.

Similarly, with the gradual improvement of rural roads, improve farmers’ living standards, the rapid development of China’s automobile industry, car prices continue to decrease. Cars become farmers manned cargo demand the best selection tool. As a manufacturer of motorcycles and vehicles in use is gradually being replaced by cars.

Developed from the use of state of the world motorcycle run, different countries have different national conditions and different motorcycle development, end-use motorcycles are different. Such as the United States, the motorcycle is the main leisure and entertainment tool, on behalf of a class of groups free lifestyle. In Japan, some of the motorcycle wider range of applications, used in commuter, courier, disaster relief, entertainment and other aspects.

From our point of view, China’s large population, regional economic development is uneven. Motorcycles In China there is still great potential for development, but future development is not reflected in motorcycle production and sales, but reflected in the product design, technology development and to foster consumer loyalty motorcycle. Traditional cheap motorcycle in economically underdeveloped regions still have a certain market, but the market space will be gradually reduced. This year, the industry changes in the market for a number of enterprises to make response, enhance the technological content of products and designs, and achieved good results.

However, China motorcycle lack of good social image and user image。 When alternative products increase, in addition to the upgrading of the product itself, the product of social image and customer loyalty also determines the vitality of this product。

As the city ban limit friction, city residents can not choose a motorcycle as travel tools. Currently the city has seen more than some community youth motorcycle purchase poor quality, without a license, fake brand motorcycles, the motorcycle environmental protection, noise are not standard, the driver does not obey the traffic rules and seriously damage the motor car image. In fact, the appearance of fashion, standardized driving a motorcycle can become a useful supplement and a beautiful landscape of the city.

Total sales decreased to maintain steady decline

According to statistics from China Association of Automobile Manufacturers show that: in June, the whole industry motorcycle sales 1,662,100 and 1,684,500, growth of 2.17% and 2.43%, down 8.84% and 8.72%. Among them, two motorcycle sales 1,475,800 and 1,494,400, growth of 4.08% and 3.96%, down 9.47% and 9.54%; three motorcycle sales 186,300 and 190,100, a decline of 10.08 percent and 7.97 %, down 3.49% and 1.68%.

1 to 6 months, the industry total sales 9,541,900 and 9,597,900, down 8.02 percent and 7.88 percent, and sales decline remained stable. Among them, two motorcycle sales 84,405,790,000 and 85,032,920,000, down 8.72% and 8.54%; three motorcycle sales 1,101,300 and 1,094,700, down 2.31% and 2.43%.

Scooter keep growing cross-riding, bending beam is still declining

In June, two motorcycle models each species, cross biking sales 889,000 and 883,600, growth of 4。63% and 3。55%, down 8。99% and 11。02%; bending beam car sales 283,600 and 29。20 million, a decline of 0。55 percent yield, sales were up 1。64%, down 23。01% and 23。64%; scooter sales 303,200 and 318,800, growth of 7。10% and 7。19%, respectively, year on year sales growth of 6。39% and 11。34 %。 Scooter relatively simple operation, more suitable as a means of transport for urban travel。 On the other hand, speed up construction of rural roads is more suitable for scooter driving。

From each of the two-wheeled vehicle sales accounted for the proportion of total sales, the cross-riding, bending beam and pedal three models accounting for respectively 59.13%, 19.54% and 21.33%. Scooter’s share gradually increased, significantly more than the Cub has become the second largest models.

1 to 6 months, ride across the production and sales were 5,059,000 and 5,054,700, down 10.87 percent and 11.17 percent year on year; bending beam car production and sales were 1.7483 million and 1.7926 million, down 14.05 percent and 13.06 percent year on year ; scooter production and sales were 1.6332 million and 1.656 million, an increase of 6.28% and 7.19%.

Large displacement motorcycles increased significantly

In recent years, urban traffic congestion significantly, the rapid development of recreation and leisure motorcycle market, China’s large-displacement motorcycles grew significantly。 1 to 6 months, 400ml displacement motorcycles over production and sales were 21,100 and 19,900, an increase of 170。52% and 159。09%。

The traditional mainstream displacement 110ml, 125ml, 150m, 250ml motorcycle sales are still in a downward trend. 1 to 6 months, 110ml, 125ml, 150ml, 250ml motorcycle sales were 1,587,700, 3,561,000 and 1,814,600, down 15.46%, 6.27%, 5.93%, 4.28%, accounting for 4 emission models 16.54% of total sales, 37.1% and 18.91%, 3.5%.

Exports fell more obvious

1 to June, the amount of exports of the top five series varieties were: 125 series, 150 series, 110 series, 250 series and 50 series, the export value was $ 808 million, $ 491 million, $ 355 million, 174 million and $ 153 million dollars. Compared with the same period last year, a slight increase in export value of 150 series, other series varieties showed some decline. In the first half, said five series of export 1.981 billion US dollars, accounting for 89.80% of the total motorcycle exports.

1 to 6 months, export volume ranked the top five series varieties: 125 series, 150 series, 110 series, 50 series and 250 series, were exported 1,492,500, 867,100, 753,600, 247,900 and 217,300。 Compared with the same period last year, 150 series showed a slight growth in exports, the other series varieties showed different degrees of decline, in which the 50 series fell more obvious。 The first half of the above-mentioned five series varieties exported 3。5784 million, accounting for 90。65% of total motorcycle exports。 |

Industry profits increased significantly

Although the larger decline in industry production and sales, but industry profits are still growing. 1 to 6 months, the whole industry was 48.513 billion yuan revenue, down 3.2%; operating cost 42.401 billion yuan, down 2.63%; operating profit of 1.578 billion yuan, an increase of 19.56%; total profit of 1.897 billion yuan, up 25.93 %. Finished goods inventory 3.868 billion yuan, down 3.02 percent. (Reprinted from motorcycle market)

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