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Intel processor technology and motorcycle binding

(Embedded Systems Conference this, San Jose, California, April 3, 2007) - To mark its products and technology in the embedded computing market through 30 years, Intel Corporation today launched with extended life cycle support for quad-core Intel ® Xeon ® processor 5300 series, which is Intel architecture-based quad-core performance to the embedded first product.

Quad-core embedded processor is less than six months past the time-to-market of Intel 11 quad-core products in one. Intel also introduced the new Intel ®IP network server NSC2U. Both new products utilize Intel’s latest advanced hardware technologies, including Intel ® Virtualization Technology (Intel® Virtualization Technology) and Intel ® I / O Acceleration Technology (Intel® I / O Acceleration Technology).

In addition, Intel also announced today in San Jose by the Orange County motorcycle factory launched Intel embedded technology motorcycle.

Doug Davis, vice president and general manager of Intel’s embedded and communications division, said: "The quad-core embedded processor industry exhibited outstanding performance and power efficiency as raw material effect Intel’s quad-core custom motorcycle engine four cylinders of the same easy to understand this custom motorcycle 250 horsepower quad-core Intel computer design, not just a mechanical power stations; it is a marvel of embedded technology: ultra-mobile PC with a fingerprint security and a digital dashboard, digital Dashboard above the ignition control device, a digital scale, alternative rearview camera, integrated audio and video systems, GPS navigation and wireless connectivity. "

This custom motorcycle and Internet-based "virtual world Second Life," and put into the market, in order to commemorate Intel’s leadership change and advancing embedded computing systems and walked the 30-year history。 Prior to 1976, the personal computer appeared, Intel entered the embedded market and provided extended life cycle support to promote the industrial development of technologies, silicon and platforms。 Today, Intel embedded technology is widely used in automobiles, airplanes, ATMs, information kiosks, telecommunications infrastructure and network storage systems as well as factory and medical equipment and other industries and fields。

Intel ultra-mobile computing systems and pioneer in the development - "Black Diamond Advanced Technology" Computer control and performance characteristics (Black Diamond Advanced Technology) integrated locomotive to protect the computing system from the effects of moisture, dust, combat and vibration, and can provide a detachable and can be used as a mobile PC computer dashboard。

Orange County motorcycle factory of Paul Teutul Sr. said, "in commemoration of the 30th anniversary of Intel’s innovation, we have created the most powerful, most technologically advanced motorcycle, to show to the world of embedded technology from Intel the benefits obtained in all aspects. In fact, we found in his shop so much surprised by Intel technology. In addition to the Intel driver of PC and servers, Intel is also embedded in many machines and equipment up to help us structure for each product. "

Intel’s new embedded computing products

Because dual-core processing power can provide up to eight high-performance cores per platform, the Quad-Core Intel Xeon processor 5300 series with a 2。0 GHz (E5335) and 2。33 GHz (E5345) processing speed。 These processors are high-end communications and enterprise systems for high-density computing and I / O load, strengthen the ideal choice, including rack servers (1U / 2U) and blade servers, NAS and SAN systems, and medical imaging equipment。

In two 5300 series processors drive, Intel IP Network Server NSC2U enables high I / O throughput and performance capabilities suited for a variety of network-centric applications, from security intrusion prevention to telecommunications IP services (referred SoIP) including IMS, IPTV and Video on Demand (VoD). NSC2U server features a ruggedized chassis, compact exterior to the component specifications and provide ongoing lifecycle support.

Now use the quad-core Intel Xeon processors E5335 and E5345 series starts at $ 690. Intel IP Network Server NSC2U expected to be in July 2007 started.

Intel is the world leader in silicon revolution, the development of technologies, products and pioneering spirit to continue to improve how people work and live.

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