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Four Points motorcycle cleaning

If you want it a thorough cleaning motorcycles, you must have the following four essentials:

First, while water washed clean with a cloth while cleaning. When flushing the bottom portion of the vehicle body and luggage easy to water corrosion, so the hydraulic pressure will be parked on an incline. After wash immediately with cloth, so that the rim spokes and car born inside dry.

Second, the brake drum cover binding portion easily flooded (disc brake disc splashed more water), caused by brake slip or failure。 After each cleaning the wheels, it should be a low speed, light step on the brake pedal repeatedly using the heat generated by friction brake drying water until the brake is restored。

Third, failure-prone water after carburetor, water retention in the cylinder spark plug electrodes and can cause difficulty in starting. Therefore, the application of plastic sheets rinse vehicle air cleaner, carburetor tight bandage, avoid sediment and water from entering the cylinder.

Fourth, easy to rinse water is sprayed onto the spark plug hole and other lines, in severe cases can cause the battery to discharge significantly, so use a dry cloth after cleaning the spark plug hole and seat on the various lines of water before starting. Finally, we need to pay attention to wipe the ignition key hole droplets, odometer and a variety of light switch.

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