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Motorcycle front shock absorber maintenance

Today, together with you to share with you how simple maintenance of your motorcycle front shock absorber.

With front shock absorber disassembly wrench, remove the rubber front shock absorber upper lid, pull the stop ring, remove the cover, gaskets, inner sleeve and damping springs and other parts, then the hydraulic oil will fall within the shock absorber clean。

The front shock absorbers caught in the vise (be careful not too tight), against the piston rod with a wrench with a hexagon wrench to loosen the outer fork tube attachment bolts fastening the roots, you can remove the inner fork tubes zero part. Install it in reverse order of disassembly and decomposition performed. Front shock absorber cleaner, remove grease, damping more slippery smooth!

Its assembly points are:
(1) When installing oil seals, the main lip should fork inner tube outward, dust lip should be outward (ie seals numbered side out), should be coated with a small amount of grease on the lip, and then use wood and hand hammer Gently seal into the outer fork tube (or use special tools spinning inside).
(2) All parts required cleaned before assembly.
(3) The main seal lip can not scratch.
(4) Do not install the drain coating leak sealant or gasket installed when the drain plug.

Routine Maintenance
(1) Note on shock absorbers to carry out regular cleaning dust removal work, the incentive to minimize leakage. Practice has proved that the dust is an important factor leading to the damper oil spill quickly.
(2) do not ride with the car, must pay attention to the protection of oiled shock absorber working stroke section, the shock absorber to prevent corrosion and rust.
(3) should be checked before each ride at the fastening of the shock absorber to ensure road safety. But also look at the shock absorber oil spills, to determine the need to disassemble or repair to ensure that the damper is always in proper working condition.

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